Talent en ambitie: Land- en tuinbouw leraar worden!

Geboortejaar: 2004

Ondersteuning: 2893 euro.

Voor:  Studie Agriculture teacher aan Chiang Mai Rajabhat University . .

Periode: 2022-2026

Status: Recent gestart.

Legaat Taube-fonds.
Uit de aanvraag (Juli 2022):
Fluk is living with and taking care of his younger sister (10 yrs.); mother (36 yrs.) is remarried and lives with her new husband elsewhere for 3 years. When he will start his study, his sister will move in with grandmother (67 yrs.), and Fluk will support them financially. He is working fulltime in Minimarket in Chiang Mai, and plans to continue working there while studying.
"His introduction: “I want to be a teacher in Agriculture. My grandfather had a grape farm so there I learned something about farming. And I would like to teach others and pass on my knowledge. I have lived in a temple for three years and went to school there. Besides the regular school subjects, I have learned to paint. From my grandfather I have learned about farming”.