Talent en ambitie: Schoonheidsspecialiste worden

Geboortejaar: 1997

Ondersteuning: 1338 euro.

Voor: Kosten opleiding aan "Beauty and hairdressing" college


Status: Begonnen in maart 2023

Financiering: particuliere donaties.

Uit de aanvraag (Februari 2023):
" Am the firstborn child in the family. We are 4 of us at home and we are raised by a single parent. My other siblings are still in secondary and in primary school. My mother earns her living through casual work. Any available work around in the community she does like washing people’s clothes, tending to peoples farms, cleaning, cooking, fetching firewood or carrying luggage. "

I would like to become a beauty therapist so that I can be self-dependent and reliant with reasonable income to be able to live on. I can plait local hair trends at the moment, I can plait since I am young but I only know the local styles so my customers are young local girls with less income. I can also make beads but it doesn’t sell much locally. I have insufficient skills to compete with those trained and running own salons in town. Girls and women are now very demanding about beauty issues and they look for professionals to get these services. I need to get more knowledge and learn modern beauty techniques and hairdressings styles. I lack school fees and accommodation costs so that I can join a beauty and hairdressing college. 

Without support I can’t join college. I am home already 6 years because my mother can’t afford to let me study and get more skills in beauty and hairdressing. If I get into contact with more clients, I can market my art and beads there too and I can easily combine the two and hopefully increase my income too.

November 2023
Contact  met Faith is moeizaam omdat ze geen smartphone heeft. Er is wel lokale communicatie met de commissie via het landelijke netwerk. Het gaat goed met haar en ze leert veel nieuwe dingen in haar opleiding wat haar in de toekomst in staat stelt om zelfstandig haar eigen salon kunnen runnen.