Velen weten dat Indonesië een prachtig land is. Iedereen kent de mooie plaatjes van groene rijstvelden, oerwouden, vulkanische gebergten, stranden, prachtige romantische zonsondergangen en pittoreske plaatjes van kampongs en desa’s. Velen weten ook dat er in het land jammer genoeg nog grote armoede is. De Talent Foundation is al meer dan 10 jaar actief geweest in Indonesië (Java en Bali). Helaas hebben we in 2018 moeten besluiten de activiteiten in Indonesië af te bouwen omdat de werving en begeleiding van talenten door een daarvoor benodigde landencommissie onvoldoende continuïteit kon krijgen.

 Ondersteunde Talenten

 Sinds de start zijn en worden de hieronder vermelde Talenten financieel ondersteund door de Talent Foundation en ter plaatste begeleid door de landencommissie. Door op de foto van de Talenten  te klikken kunt u meer informatie over de achtergrond, voortgang en resultaat van de ondersteuning vinden.













Talent/Ambitie: Rechtenstudie volgen om ambassade medewerker te kunnen worden

Ondersteuning Talent Foundation PvT (IN-15) : 3937 Euro in 2015 – 2019 in aanvulling op  2430 euro ondersteuning van de lokale overheid.

Status/Resultaat: In 2e jaar van studie, behoort tot de beste studenten van zijn klas. Klik hier of op de foto voor meer achtergrond van de ondersteuning.



1-Commissie Indonesie 2016

Dee commissie voor de werving en begeleiding van de talenten werd gevormd door Jos van den Broek, Karien Froeling en Barbara Huizink-Suriada die op Bali woonachtig zijn.  Bestuurslid Marjanne van Wendel de Joode verzorgde het contact met de commissie.





 Talent/Ambitie: computer editor

Ondersteuning Talent Foundation (IN-14):  € 1.285 in 2015 voor  aanschaf computer,printer en benodigdheden, aangepaste tafel en hulp bij opzetten bedrijfje op meer strategische plek

Status/Resultaat: Op aanraden van Talent Foundation heeft Kadek zijn businessplan uitgebreid en de begroting aangepast. Daarin zijn o.a. opgenomen de renovatie van zijn werkkamer, een geschikte werktafel en visitekaartjes. Klik hier of op de foto voor een verslag van de voortgang van de ondersteuning.




Talent/Ambitie: naaister

Ondersteuning Talent Foundation (IN-13):  , € 264 in 2014 voor aanschaf naaimachine en onderdelen

Status/Resultaat: Yuni doet het erg goed. Ze is begeleid door Nikita, een balinese die zelf een naaistudio heeft en haar de kneepjes van het vak leert , hoe een bedrijfje op te zetten en zij heeft Yuni ook begeleidt bij haar aankopen. Klik hier of op de foto voor meer informatie over deze ondersteuning.



 Talent/Ambitie: talen/ Japans

Ondersteuning Talent Foundation (IN-12): € 2.200  in 2011-2015, kosten 4 jarige opleiding Japans, deels kosten levensonderhoud

Status/Resultaat: Gede is in 2015 met zeer goede resultaten afgestudeerd.Klik hier of op de foto voor een verslag van de ondersteuning.




Talent/Ambitie: Leraar worden

Ondersteuning Talent foundation PvT (IN-11) 1926 euro (2010-2014)


Mei 2010:  Uzman makes very great impression when the first time we met at An-Nuriyah. He is the 4th child from 8 children in his family. His parents struggle to maintain the family, they earn their money from doing the small jobs and sometimes working in the rice fields. After finishing the elementary school his family expected him to support the family even though his teacher advised him to continue his education because of his intellectual capacity. In the meanwhile An-Nuriyah offered Usman to come to the school in Jakarta fully paid. After a lot of thinking he accepted this offer and finished his SMA (Senior High School) with good result. Usman always had a dream of becoming a teacher. He wants to be useful to other people, helps the community, he says he has been helped and wants to do the same for others. He already teaches at An-Nuriyah’s school 5 days a week and is looking forward to get a proper teacher education.

September 2010: Just started with semester II.

April 2011: Uzman is doing good: his results on the second semester made an average of 3,5.

April 2012: Uzman is now more relaxed than in the beginning of the project. He is really working hard to continue his studies. He is part of a family who have five children. The eldest child has only attended lower school. The second child is retarded and handicapped. Uzman is the third child. The fourth child is also retarded and handicapped. Uzman is the only one who can study well and therefore is providing a living for his family. He doesn’t like to talk about his family and there is a slight embarrassment regarding his family situation. His youngest sister is very shy and is suffering at school. Uzman is looking after his little sister. She is at the same school were Uzman is working. He is struggling to meet ends and feels low at times.

September 2013: Uzman is doing well although it is still not easy. We visited him again and spoke a long time with him to keep his head high.



Talent/Ambitie: Leraar

Geb jaar:  1983
Intermediar:  Stichting Yapari, Jakarta/Java
Ondersteuning Talent foundation PvT (IN-9); 2009- 2012, totaal bedrag : € 2104

Mei 2010:  Nurhasanah had an average of 3,72 (out of 4). So she’ doing well. She’s teaching the children of the kampong daily 9from 7am until 8pm). Their ages are 4-16. Sundays she’s going to campus. She really enjoys the university and she tells us she’s learning a lot. Her husband also helps her with the teaching and taking care of the community. We were very impressed: her classroom is only as big as a corridor. But the children really love to go to her.

Februari 2011: Nurhasanah is still going strong and opened a library with Indonesian books, meant for all the children in the kampung. And she’s pregnant (end of April).

April 2011: Nurhasanah had a girl! Both mother and baby are doing well. We will visit her end of May again. Then she will also know the results of her 3rd semester.

April 2012: Nurhassana is doing well; she would like to expand Rumah belajar(name of her school). She just had a recent visit from and they donated a lot of books for the school. Her exam results are 3.5. Her grades are very good and were only slightly lower during her pregnancy (result 3.2)

September 2012: We visited Nurhassana again this time with Dhani’s brother in law from Holland and also my mother and her husband. My mother donated a overhead projector so Nurhassana can teach even more efficient. I also donated my notebook and this together was a beautiful gift for her and the children. She was overwhelmed with emotions and very grateful. She is doing very well and her English is improving all the time.

Mei 2012: Nurhassana is doing well; she would like to expand Rumah belajar.  Her exam results are 3.5. Her grades are very good and were only slightly lower during her pregnancy (result 3.2)


Talent/Ambitie: studie economie

Geb jaar:  1991
Intermediar:  Stichting Werkgroep ’72, Jakarta/ Java
Ondersteuning Talent foundation PvT (IN-8);  2009-2012, Totaal bedrag : € 1.807


Januari 2010: Arum is a shy girl but she loves to go to school. She wants to learn more about banking/accounting/administration. She wants to work with people and help them. So she would like to work in a bankArum just started with the study.

May 2010:  Arum wrote a very sweet letter to the foundation. Her English is still very basic, but she used a dictionary to translate. Her average for the first semester was 3.16 out of 4. She had all A’s and B’s, and 1 C for Economical Mathematics (with a weight factor of 3). She will work hard on that one the next semester.

November 2010: Pauline and Juliska visited Arum . We were a little bit disappointed that Arum is still not trying to talk in English with us. She told us, she’s working now every morning in an office, doing some administration. She told us, she has no time to teach. We asked her to make time to do something in return. We think it will be very good for her to see the other talents at the talent day and hear what they are all doing for their community.

Februari 2011: Too bad! Arum didn’t come to the talent day, because she was sick….. We’ll plan a next meeting together with Dhani so she can ask some “critical” questions

April 2011: Dhani and Juliska spoke to Arum in March. At that moment she already had finished the 3rd semester, but didn’t know the results yet. We talked with her about the “bad” results of her second semester (2.68). She told us her uncle was sick. Dhani got a bit angry with her and explained that we support her to do her best and we feel like she’s not trying hard enough. She also still didn’t start doing any “social”. We told her we will giver her one more chance to improve her results (at least 3.0 on the 4th semester, because the 3rd already was finished) and to do something for her community. We will have a talk with her every 6 weeks, to see what see’s doing. If she’s not improving, we might stop the support. We think it’s necessary to contact Arum more often. So we will speak to her again beginning of June. We advised Arum to talk with Gezy. We hope she will be able to motivate her too.

April 2012: Arum is no longer supported


Talent/Ambitie: Leraar

Geb jaar:  1988
Intermediar:  Stichting KDM, Jakarta/ Java
Ondersteuning Talent foundation PvT (IN-6); 2009-2013, totaal bedrag :  € 4431

November 2009: Cen Cen is a girl who lives in KDM. She did her SMA in July 2009 and is teaching the Kindergarten from KDM. She really loves to become a teacher, but especially a teacher for children who need special care. So she would love to do a study as a school counselor.

Januari 2010:  Cen Cen  already got started! She really likes to study. She’s going to the University in the mornings and teaches the KDM Kindergarten in the afternoons.

Mei 2010: CenCen’s average of the first semester was 3,6. She loves to go to school and she gave a very detailed overview of her costs.

Februari 2011: We were very impressed by CenCen’s dedication showed at the Talent day! She talks English rather well. Beside the teaching in the Kindergarten, we asked CenCen to help the other teachers at school. They struggle with several issues, and asked Juliska to coach them, but we think CenCen also can help them with her new knowledge.

April 2011: CenCen still doing good: Semester 3 average of 3.7.

April 2012: Cen Cen is doing well although distance is a problem. She is using a lot of her time beating the traffic. The biggest trouble is in the morning! She is doing well and she is very busy. Still a lot of her time is occupied with teaching the toddlers from KDM in the afternoon she teaches the children at the Prumpung (street children). After 17.00 hr. she will continue to study till 21.00 hr. Her results are very good 3.5.

September 2013: Cen Cen is so busy and still spends a lot time dealing with the traffic. She is very active in the school community and is well respected.


Talent/Ambitie: Onderwijzer

Naam Talent:
Geb jaar:  1991
Intermediar:  Stichting Yapari, Jakarta/Java
Ondersteuning Talent foundation PvT (IN-5): 2008-2012, Totaal bedrag :  € 3.787

Oktober 2008: Tarmini will start after Idul Fitri with her new school.  It was obvious she really enjoys teaching!

December 2008: Tarmini is busy with the mid tests, no results yet. Dhani will make a new budget for her, because the one we have is still form the first University. Uhamka is more expensive, because it’s a non government university. Tarmini is still teaching children form Yapari. They have helped her to find a better house for living now.

April 2009: Tarmini passed all her exams. She’s doing fine. She’s even helping Bayu with his Mathematics. Tarmini is more happy, more expressive. Still teaching at Yapari, but she wants to help at KDM too.

Januari 2010: Tarmini’s mother is ill. She didn’t enter her 3rd semester, because she had to take care of her mother and her younger sisters. Yapari told her she has to start again with the study, and she will in March.

Mei 2010:  Tarmini is in her semester exams until end of May. She’s happy to be back in study again. She’s teaching children from the kampong Saturdays and Sundays.

September 2010: We visited Tarmini and were very impressed with the environment she’s living in. We saw her teach and it’s very nice to see this “shy” girl acting so great with the children! She’s now working in 4th and 5th Semester (2 in 1).

September 2012:  Tarmini is doing well.


1-Bayu en Gezy


Talent/Ambitie: Entertainer /PR-medewerker worden

Ondersteuning Talent Foundation PvT (IN-04) : 2884 Euro in 2008-2012


December 2008: Bayu has started the school and already did his mid tests: his scores were between 80%-100%. So a good job! He also was 100%present at his colleges. He is still busy at Yapari and teaching children..

Februari 2009: Bayu had great results on his first tests! He speaks English very well and is really self confident. He loves to go to the University and we think he fits in very well.

Januari 2010: Bayu is in his 3rd semester and still doing well, average of 3,75 out of 4!

Mei 2010:  Bayu is doing great: 3,9 out of 4! He’s been asked to enrol the students’ union. He asked for permission, because he’s afraid his marks will drop a little. We think it’s a good idea he’s enrolling!

September 2010: Bayu visited a student seminar, and he is vice principal of students union. He therefore received  a small scholarship, so doesn’t have to pay the full amount.

Februari 2011: Bayu again had good results: 3.745 .  He’s in 6th semester now.

April 2011: We visited Bayu on the Campus and we were very impressed. A new campus with a lot of facilities! Bayu took us to the room were the students union is working (a place only students can live in, we thought). They organize several activities for all students. Bayu was very relaxed. He again had good results on his sixth semester: 3.77

April 2012: Bayu finished his studies and graduated with Cum Laude.  He is actively searching what to do next. He would like to continue to study to gain a Masters degree. Bayu is looking for employers who can sponsor him in achieving this goal. Employers were he could work and studies at the same time are also an option.

September 2012: Bayu is very sad as he mother passed away suddenly during Ramadan. Even though his studies are finished we stay in touch with him.

Eindresultaat: Studie Cum Laude afgesloten.  Klik op de foto voor de evaluatie van de ondersteuning.

1-Gezy 5


Talent/Ambitie (IN-2): Accountancy (study)
Ondersteuning Talent foundation PvT (IN-2)
Start ondersteuning:  2006
Gerealiseerd einde: 2009 (en een doorstart gemaakt naar vervolgopleiding, 2011)
Totaal bedrag : € 4.493

December 2007: Gezy is een zeer talentvolle scholiere die op de SMK (accountant) gesponsord wordt door Werkgroep ’72. Ze blinkt uit in wiskunde en rekenen, economie. Daarnaast is ze ook zeer goed in de Engelse taal. Toekomstplannen: Het liefst zou Gezy zich naast de opleiding die ze gaat volgen zich ook nog verder willen ontwikkelen in de Engelse taal, zodat ze bij een buitenlands bedrijf kan werken. Al in het eerste gesprek na de start van de studie zien we dat Gezy het wel naar haar zin heeft, maar dat ze de opleiding eigenlijk te schools en te makkelijk vindt. Al na het eerste jaar wordt ze in de topklas geplaatst (met de beste leerlingen) en ze behoort tot de top 3 van deze klas. Haar gemiddelde cijfer over de hele 3 jaar is een 3,7 (uit 4). Gezy geeft in het weekend Engelse les maar ook rekenen, aan kinderen uit de buurt. De kosten van de opleiding zijn duurder uitgevallen dan in het begin ingeschat zijn. Dit komt vooral door extra kosten in het laatste semester. In dit semester was het collegegeld hoger geworden en waren er extra kosten voor een studiereis en voor de examentraining. Ook kosten voor vervoer waren niet opgenomen in het budget.

December 2008: Gezy did a practical learning, and is now in a new “job” with the Gouvernement of Finance. She did great on her tests for the 4th Semester: average: 3,5 (max 4).Gezy asked for transport money, because her practical is far away.

Februari 2009: Gezy told about her practical job: it was boring, she didnt’ like it and didn’t learn a lot. She wants to practise now in her Minibank at school. In February there will be a school trip to the University of Bali. This money wasn’t calculated in the budget. In June she will do her final exams, and in December she want to finish her Final paper. And after that she wants to work. Every Saturday and Monday she teaches English to children of her mother’s class. She still loves to teach the English.

April 2009: Gezy is almost finished. She really wants to start with S2, but we told her to start working first. In December 2009 she will be really finished.

November 2009: Gezy has a few more weeks to go. She already has given her CV to us, we gave it to Rabobank. Hopefully it can help her to find a job.

Januari 2010: Gezy really wants to extend her study with S1. She can finish S1 in 2 years.  It will give her more perspectives in the future. So far she has been an excellent student.

Maart 2010: We had a good talk with Gezy. Now she’s busy with her second semester and she’s following lectures in the evenings, during daytime she studies and also teaches children maths and English. Gezy told us, she really likes it to study at the University, because it’s more difficult! Her average at the first semester was an 3 out of 4, and she will work hard to get higher grades.

Februari 2010: Gezy is doing well. Her average of semester II was 3.42 and semester III was 3.47. She just started with her last semester. Gezy really enjoyed the Talent day. She still has contact with ChenChen and Bayu via Facebook. Well keep in contact about her final exam.

April 2011: Gezy is working on her script (doing research in the Indonesian stock exchange). In June she will finish her final exam and then on the end of the year (November or December) she will receive the “ijazah” from the campus


Bayu en Gezy


Talent/Ambitie: Entertainer/ PR (studie, materialen)

Ondersteuning Talent foundation PvT (IN-1):

Ondersteuning:  2008-2012
Totaal bedrag : € 2.884.

April 2012: Bayu finished his studies and graduated with Cum Laude.  He is actively searching what to do next. He would like to continue to study to gain a Masters degree. Bayu is looking for employers who can sponsor him in achieving this goal. Employers were he could work and studies at the same time are also an option.

Eindresultaat: Bayu is Cum Laude geslaagd. Hij is hard op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging in zijn leven. Hij wil graag verder studeren voor een master degree. Hij is opzoek naar een werkgever die hem hierin kan sponsoren om zijn doel te bereiken. Toekomstplannen: Bayu is afgereisd naar Floras (is een van de Kleine Soenda-eilanden. Het is een Indonesisch eiland, gelegen ten oosten van Soembawa en Komodo ). Hij werkt daar voor de overheid aan het programma communicatie & informatie om de communicatie te optimaliseren. Het is een project van twee maanden. Hierdoor hoopt hij meer kans te krijgen om aangewezen te worden als leerkracht.(door dit project komt hij met meerdere projecten/contacten in aanraking) Zijn doel is om een baan te krijgen op een van de geïsoleerde eilanden en daar les te kunnen geven.